Enterprise Grade Structured File Exchange

While other solutions claim that dumping a bunch of files into the cloud will solve all your document headaches, first-hand enterprise users know that’s not the case. The lack of structure, visibility, tracking and in-context communication about when and how files are exchanged is a significant problem.

The Best Solution for the Enterprise

Built for Enterprise

Courier is an enterprise class app built for businesses requiring several document exchanges with customers, suppliers, partners or employees.

Multiple Simultaneous Exchanges

The most powerful aspect of Courier is the ability for users to define a structured checklist of documents, user roles and approval workflow with a simple guided wizard in under 5 minutes.

Immediate Productivity at No Capital Cost

Sign up and you’re ready to go. Courier is completely cloud-based with a simple subscription model requiring no software to be installed; no licensing fees or hardware investment.

Enterprise Strength Security

Too often, companies exchange highly sensitive data through insecure systems, including email, FTP, and online file sharing apps. As evidenced by recent news reports, these systems are highly vulnerable to hackers, and other risks.


As a long-time leader in data security, OpenText understands the critical importance of maintaining enterprise-grade protection for both partners and customers. Courier offers all the benefits of cloud computing: wide access to authorized parties and highly secure encryption for role-based access and transmission of documents.

Delivering Value to the Bottom Line

The process of exchanging documents has always been a time consuming and costly process.

Significant reductions in “first mile” cycle times to securely collect and distribute multiple documents that initiate high value Enterprise Processes.

Adds security and structure to an otherwise chaotic and unsecure process of exchanging documents.  Courier uses OAuth2 based authorization codes and SAML 2.0 based SSO multiple layers of encryption.

Provides a unique and intuitive interface that categorizes and tracks each required inbound and outbound document across unlimited simultaneous exchanges.

Enterprise Grade Solution


Using emails, FTP or a dated in-house built system to exchange files with external users? Try LEAP Courier for 30 days completely free of charge today and see what a modern, structured file exchange solution feels like.