A truly unique solution for structured document exchange.

Leap Courier is truly well-thought-out application that provides the only first mile solution for business processes that require multiple document exchanges with customers, suppliers, partners or employees.  Courier provides a unique and intuitive interface that categorizes and tracks each required inbound and outbound document across unlimited simultaneous exchanges.

Adapts to your unique exchange process

Configurable Templates

Graphical templates are easily configured to represent the specific documents and document categories that map to your unique use case.

Custom Workflows

Each document type can be assigned a specific workflow with user defined roles for: submitting, reviewing and approving documents.  Notifications alert users of tasks streamlining the entire process.

Visibility & Tracking

Courier provides visibility and control to manage and monitor multiple simultaneous document exchanges with Customers, Partners or Employees.

Beautiful, Intuitive User Experience

When exchanging different types of documents, it’s essential to be able to manage them.  In Courier, documents such as Bank Statements, Identification or Proof of Income are organized into placeholders we call Folios.


By simply dropping documents into the appropriate folio, they are automatically uploaded and the status of the folio is updated.


This intuitive and pleasant design make the process immediately clear to first time users.

Document Exchange Done Right

Exchange documents with anyone, anywhere. Our organization structure allows you to keep track of where your cases are at at all times.

Exchange documents of all types and sizes securely across networks and firewalls thanks to TLS 1.2, SAML 2.0 SSO and AES 256 encryption at rest.

A modern UI supporting the latest versions of all major browsers on Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android.

Freedom to exchange documents from anywhere.

With Courier, documents can be exchanged from anywhere allowing users to review or capture documents using their mobile phone.


Auto notifications alert users of tasks and streamline the entire exchange process.