Courier for your Industry

Leap Courier is a horizontal application that addresses any high value business processes that depends on document exchange with customers, suppliers, partners or employees.

Adapts to your unique document exchange process

Courier is a highly configurable application; intuitive wizards can help tweak it to meet the specifics of any high value business processes requiring document exchange with customers, suppliers, partners or employees. Courier’s rich API also enables seamless integrations with your existing applications.

Document Approval Workflows and Messaging

Each document category can be assigned a specific review and approval workflow with user defined roles for allowing you not only to collect and share documents, but also to sanity check any uploaded files, communicate from within the app with the different users and remain updated of the entire process through email notifications.

Visibility & Tracking

Courier provides visibility and control to monitor and follow-up on multiple simultaneous document exchanges at the same time. Keeping things organized and always in context. No more dealing with confusing email chains or aging in-house built applications.

Loan Origination


Loan officers need to process loans as quickly as possible, but they must also ensure compliance in a changing regulatory landscape. Collecting documents from borrowers is their single biggest hurdle. Courier helps borrowers and lenders quickly check the status of loan documents to immediately see which ones are missing.


Employee Onboarding

It’s not unusual for new hires to spend the first few days or weeks completing paperwork and other onboarding requirements for their position. There are insurance forms, tax forms, paycheck paperwork, forms for individual retirement accounts, and so on. Courier helps simplify the process of sharing contracts and forms with potential new hires as well as collect relevant employee files and records.

Investigator Portal


Clinical trial sponsors need to collect study documents from many different investigators.  Exchange of information can become fragmented and inefficient.  Courier helps investigators access templates, upload documents, and see progress toward completing all study documents; reducing study costs and cycle times.


Claims Submission Portal

Ask any insurance customer about the optimal experience that they can think of when filing a new claim and you will most likely say something along the line of “I just want to open an app, take a picture of my car, hit a submit button and have the insurance take over”. Courier can be integrated into existing apps claims processing applications for improved customer experience.